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Yaguchi’s Dream

In 2015 Walter Enloe and Travis Erickson of Hamline University were members of Education Committee of the St. Paul Nagasaki Sister City Committee planning a series of events and programs to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the 60th anniversary of the oldest sister city partnership. Travis was a graphic artist and student in the university’s Master of Laws program. Walter was a professor of education who had lived in Hiroshima as a high school student and later was headmaster of Hiroshima International School. Mr. Yaguchi was an A-bomb victim at age fifteen and was the international school’s beloved building engineer and bus driver. He shared his experiences with the international community and his vision of peace which became known as “ Teacher Yaguchi’s dream of an A-bomb cloud of doves.” Travis & Walter used that image to create the posters and brochure covers for the 2015-2016 commemoration.